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How much does it cost to hire a

professional painter? 

We've put some pricing guidelines together to help you estimate what it would cost to paint your home.*  Please contact us for a free estimate built on your needsWe are passionate about painting and would love to brighten your home!

Labor pricing guidelines above are based on average room size with 8 foot ceilings and does not include ceilings or trim.*

*This does not include the price of paint.  We typically use Sherwin Williams paint.  If we purchase for you we get a discount with Sherwin and will add paint reimbursement to your invoice.

Average Room Square footage:

Kitchen:  170

Dining Room:  200

Living Room:  340

Bedroom:  150

Bathroom:  40

Garage:  270

Hallway: 100

Staircase:  100

Entry way:  80

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